Power Market IncentivesSM (PMI)

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We Energies pays large commercial and industrial customers for voluntarily reducing electric load when the wholesale spot market spikes. The program is open to customers who can reduce at least 500 kilowatts (kW) of load quickly in response to market conditions.

How it works

Under a special year-long contract, you agree to reduce your electric load for a mutually agreeable price, with these conditions:

  • Energy buy-back offers can be made at any time during the year.
  • A minimum commitment of 500 kW is required. You decide on a case-by-case basis how much load you want to drop. You are subject to penalty only if you don't drop what you promise.
  • Must have Internet access.

Even with a contract in place, your business does not have to accept any buy-back offers during the year. The contract terms cover actual transactions during bid periods.


If you enroll 500 kW at a bid price of $1/kwh and participate for 8 hours during a buy-back period, your credit will be:

500 kW x $1/kWh x 8 hours = $4,000

If you do not meet your load reduction commitment, you will pay the actual cost of replacement power for the difference between your actual kWh reduction and your committed kWh.


The program is open to the following customer categories:

  • General Primary
  • General Primary-Curtailable
  • General Primary-Energy Cooperative
  • General Primary-Interruptible
  • General Secondary Demand
  • General Secondary-Curtailable
  • General Secondary-Energy Cooperative

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